Art Department & Producer's Assistant

Left Alone is a coming of age story about a reserved teenage boy who struggles to live in a post-apocalyptic world with his overbearing mother.

I worked on Left Alone as a part of the Art Department, working closely with the Production Designer to collect, modify and create a collection of hero props and costumes, as well as set-dress and continuity on set. During the post-production process of this pilot, I also took on the role of a Producer's Assistant, assisting in social media management and event coordination.


Producer & Co-Writer | Shaynell Barboza

Director & Co-Writer | Sanny Orr

Cinematographer | Victoria Freire

Editor & Gaffer | Ethan Seddon-Cope

1st Assistant Director | Fox Carter

Production Manager | Jessamy Arthur

Production Designer | Harley Forgan

Sound Designer | Esther Jang

Assistant Camera & Visual Effects Supervisor | Jared Collins


Thomas | George Teagle 

Mother | Sophia Elisabeth

Aya | Maya Le Roux 

2019 |   Dir. Sanny Orr