2020 |   Lead Producer & Story Supervisor

Snare is a Psychological Thriller short film that follows Simon, a young adult who begins to question his family’s intentions after becoming trapped within his own home. Through a non-linear structure and distinct visual style, Snare explores the effects of mental health and the impact it has on both the individual and their family.

Snare is my graduating film for my Bachelor of Creative Media Production degree at Massey University.

As Lead Producer of Snare, I worked with my talented team to oversee the project through all stages of production into a finalised film. I was also the story supervisor for this project, collaborating closely with the co-directors and co-writers to create a coherent and distinctive narrative, as well as the visual tone of the film.


Lead Producer | Kennedy Turner

Directors | Paris Renalson & Morgan Vandergoes

Cinematographer |  Lydia Phua

Editor | Isaac Borgman

Composers | Devyn Fowles & Cameron Hartley

1st Assistant Camera | Jared Nichols

1st Assistant Director | Jacob Waipara

Lighting | Travis Kaandorp

Production Designer | Anton Ward


Associate Producer | Grace Bush

Line Producer | Joshua Fitch


Sound Designer | Tom Ellingham

Visual Effects Supervisor | Tané MacDonald


Simon | Zen Wilson-Travis

Phillipa | Claire Waldron

Walter | Thomas Barker

Haley | Zoe Crane